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The Golden Temple

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Nov 242018


The Golden Temple (or Sri Harminder Sahib) is the home of the Sikh peoples as well as a sublime place to visit. Founded by the late Guru Ram Das in 1577. The walls of this temple are made of real 24 karat gold! The Golden Temple is located in the Sikh state of Punjab in the city of Amritsar and is the holiest Gurdwara for the Sikh religion. Its located on a man-made lake which the Sikhs bathe in as well it has a bridge of where if you go on it’ll lead you to the primary prayer room. If you’re willing to see the golden temple you can book a ticket to Amritsar and see it for yourself and just like the Canadian Prime Minister, you’ll be stunned…

So, if your planning to visit the temple you’ll need to know more about it. Of course you should know the location, (India, Punjab, Amritsar) but how about some background history. Like previously mentioned, the Golden Temple is the most holy Gurdwara for the Sikh religion. This is because it is located in the home state of Amritsar also it was built by the Gurus as well its plated in gold. Also it’s constantly got people flooding in to finally see it themselves.

Built by Guru Ram Das and Destroyed by the Mughals, the history is also just as good. Ordered to be built in 1577, the Golden Temple. It was also an important pilgrimage to the Sikh Empire. As it was destroyed the maharaja demanded for its reconstruction and it was completed however this time in copper and marble, but it was then covered in gold wrapping. And as decades and even centuries had passed the Harminder Sahib was left completely untouched as it also left many people jaw-dropped seeing such a large Temple made of gold just being there!!

If you do manage to see the Gurdwara you must at least see it at night because it has ravishing lights placed on it, which lights up the Sarovar (a lake around the temple) absolutely excellently. Some more information about the golden temple is that inside the golden temple there is a Langar hall where Sikhs eat their daily foods. Also inside there is a prayer room where they can sit down and pray or contemplate the things they’ve done or will do. A Langar and Prayer room is regular in Gurdwaras however the one in the golden temple are a lot more special…

However the Langar isn’t inside the actual Temple you see, its located on one of the outside marble temple-like buildings. So therefore the prayer room is inside the Golden Temple. ALSO IMPORTANTLY to show respect you should wash your feet as well as take of your shoes additionally wear a Turban because a Sikhs do this as respect so you should also!